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WHAT OPPORTUNITIES DOES CEI PROVIDE?  CEI provides short-term missions opportunities for athletes and coaches. CEI's Int'l Sports Ministry Teams are designed for the team members to use the platform of sports to share their faith in Jesus Christ and serve the workers overseas both on and off the softball field. REACHING THE UNREACHED THROUGH SPORTS with CEI is a great opportunity that provides you with opportunities and challenges such as:

    • developing softball worldwide through clinics and friendship games
    • growing in your personal relationship in Jesus Christ
    • learning how to share your faith through the platform of sports
    • sharing the good news with those who never or rarely have heard the Name of Jesus
    • serving pastors and missionaries around the world


High School - In compliance with NCAA rules, CEI will consider high school seniors for an international team. NCAA COMPLIANCE: In order to comply with NCAA rules and regulations, high school athletes cannot participate on the same team as an NCAA (Division I, II or III) coach. The key to complying is whether or not the coach is coaching at an NCAA school, NOT the level (Juco, NAIA or NCAA) at which the athlete plans to compete. Therefore, opportunities with CEI for high school athletes are determined by the status of the coach on each CEI team.

College and Post-Collegiate - Any athlete at a variety of collegiate levels can apply. Post-collegiate athletes are also welcome to apply.

GENERALLY SPEAKING, WHAT CAN TEAM MEMBERS EXPECT?     Each Int'l Sports Ministry Teams is made up of a Team Leader, Life Coach (discipler), Coach and athletes. Before traveling internationally, team members will meet for 2-6 days at Training Camp where they will prepare athletically, spiritually and culturally. Each day of Training Camp consists of worship, Bible studies, training on sharing the message of Jesus Christ and the team members' personal story, softball practices, and cultural training. While overseas, team members will use sports clinics and/or competition in fastpitch softball to share their faith in Jesus Christ and serve the international workers both on and off the field. Ministry strategies differ according to the culture, and specific ministry training will be received at Training Camp.

HOW ARE TEAM MEMBERS SELECTED?     Team members are selected through an extensive application process, and acceptance is based on the applicant's: 1) personal relationship with the Lord, 2) athletic/coaching/athletic training experience, and 3) recommendations from references.

HOW ARE THESE SHORT-TERM MISSIONS TRIPS PAID FOR? WHAT IS/IS NOT COVERED IN THE SUPPORT GOAL?     We believe that one's participation with CEI should not be based on finances, rather whether or not God is calling one to do so. For those He calls, He will provide!! Each CEI team member, including CEI staff and team leaders [Team Leader, Life Coach (discipler), Coach], has the opportunity to trust the Lord to raise one's portion of the team's expenses. Costs differ according to the team's destination and duration of the trip, and support goals for each team member can be found on CEI's "Int'l Teams" Webpage.

While a team member has the option to pay for his/her portion of the teams expenses out of his or her own pocket, our experience has been that the majority of team members choose to raise their support through donations. One's cooperation with our heavenly Father in this endeavor typically includes sending out support letters and making phone calls to invite others to make an eternal investment through one's participation on one of our int'l sports ministry teams. Once accepted, team members are provided information and materials to help raise their support. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Upon arrival at Training Camp, team expenses such as international travel, transportation, food, lodging, discipleship materials and secondary medical insurance are covered. In addition to the support goal, each team member is responsible for support letter materials (i.e. stationary, envelopes, stamps, photocopying), transportation to/from Training Camp, passport, visas, and any recommended vaccinations/immunizations. These additional expenses can be reimbursed up to the amount the team member raises above his or her portion of the team's support goal.

Throughout the time of preparation, CEI will purchase items such as international airline tickets, secondary medical insurance, clothing, etc. for team members. Therefore, CEI has established support deadlines for each team member. An example of one's support deadlines for a team headed out mid-June may be as such:

* Usually within two weeks (or less) of one's acceptance, a $500 Commitment Fee is due. This fee is non-refundable.
* March 4: $500 in one's CEI account
* March 29: $2,000 in one's CEI account...this is a very important deadline since CEI will be purchasing team's int'l airline tickets.
* April 30: $3,000 in one's CEI account
* May 31: TOTAL support goal in one's CEI account

WHAT IF I RAISE MORE THAN MY SUPPORT GOAL? WHAT HAPPENS TO THIS MONEY?     That which one raises over and above his or her support goal can be used to reimburse any expenses you incurred to go on this trip (ie: passport, postage for support letters, transportation to and from training camp, immunizations, visas, etc). If you still have money left in your CEI scholarship account after taking a reimbursement, you can either give it to a teammate who may be short of his or her goal or you can leave it in this account and use it within two years for another short-term mission trip with CEI.

WHO DOES THE FOLLOW-UP OF THOSE WHO HAVE RESPONDED TO THE GOSPEL?     CEI works with local churches, missionaries and Nationals who help with the set-up and follow-up of the short-term mission trip. As the team departs the city or country, CEI leaves the contact information with the pastors, missionaries and/or Nationals who help the new believers grow in their relationship with God and get them connected with the local body of believers.

Parents are concerned for your safety. They are concerned about travel and about terrorism. And if your parents don’t share your beliefs about Jesus, they are also concerned about your involvement with something they don’t understand. All of these concerns are valid. As your parents, they want what they think is best for you, their child.

As God calls you to go on mission with Him, be sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of your parents and others who care about you. Talk to them. Listen to them. Involve them in discussion and the decision making process if possible. Keep them informed of what you’re doing, why you're doing it and the plans you are making.

Here are a few things to address with your parents to help them be more comfortable with your decision to participate with CEI:

We cannot guarantee safety for anyone anywhere. The events of 9/11 right here in the United States showed us this. What we can guarantee is that CEI staff, alongside the nationals/missionaries/churches we serve, will not send teams into a known unsafe situation. We will change locations or cancel the team before compromising someone’s safety in known circumstances.

Let your parents know that there is someone on the field under whom you will be serving. All CEI teams are a result of nationals, missionaries, and/or churches requesting one of CEI’s teams for a strategic need. They have a plan and a purpose for you being there, or you would not be going.

Living conditions
Another question parents often raise is about housing, transportation, etc. CEI’s staff will have the logistics and details worked out for your international flights, housing, meals, transportation, etc. Prior to traveling overseas, you will be given information to leave with your parents/main contact person.

Each team member, including CEI staff and leadership, is responsible to raise his/her portion of the team’s expenses. More information about finances, including what is covered in the support goal, can be found under the FAQ’s webpage.

Additional Questions
If either of your PARENTS have concerns and/or questions and would like to talk with another parent who has traveled with us, please encourage them call Kerry Weisser in California at (925) 831-9821 (home)/(925) 216-9821 (cell) or e-mail her at

What if my parents say "No!"?
We encourage you to read the following article: When God Says "GO," but Family Says "No!"

HOW DO I APPLY? HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO HEAR BACK ABOUT MY APPLICATION?     Please email for more information about the application process.  You will be notified of the staff's decision once all your references have been received and CEI's staff has reviewed your application. This can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, pending on the quickness in response of your references. If accepted for one of our teams, CEI will notify you of your acceptance and then request written Commitment Forms and a Commitment Fee ($500) within one to two weeks of your acceptance date.

I AM HAVING DIFFICULTY SUBMITTING MY APPLICATION. WHAT CAN I DO?     There are a few possible reasons your app may not be submitting. First, after hitting the "Submit" button one time, you may need to allow a sufficient amount of time (30-60 seconds) for it to be received by CEI. Second, sometimes a computer can time out. If you think this might be the issue, begin by completing and submitting the first section of your app.  If it does not submit, contact CEI. If it submits, then logout, login, reopen your app to continue the process--maybe completing half the app and submitting it. Then reopen your app and complete/submit the last half. Each time you submit your app, your information is saved and will reappear when you reopen your app. 

WHAT IF I AM UNSURE ABOUT MY AVAILABILITY?     You can still apply and let us know at a later date. 

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 Please call or email us if you have any questions. 

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